Aisin gearbox peugeot

Aisin gearbox peugeot

Peugeot continues to introduce changes in the ranges of two of its most important developments in recent months: the SUV Y As he Peugeot as the They pass offer mechanical offer the possibility to combine Diesel engine hp 2. Japanese specialist transmissions and gearboxes Aisin It is responsible for manufacturing new automatic torque converter EAT8 of the Peugeot and According to the French firm, this new change ensures great driving comfort, thanks to the optimization changes torque between the engine and gearbox, which reduces breaks regime change in each relationship.

To handle this new EAT8 change of the Peugeot Y the interior features a new command Shift by Wire and Parkthat stands out for its easy and intuitive to use, thanks to electric and ergonomic lever that requires no effort on their use.

On the other hand, steering wheel also it features cams series. Automatic way and when the engine is turned off, the change EAT8 automatically activates the Park function.

On security and of attending drivingboth of them SUV They have advanced systems such as automatic emergency brakingthe collision risk alerthe signal recognition speed limithe Park Assist and the view camera Visiopark. If you're one of those drivers who like unconventional experiences and want to make some breaks for areas typically Offroadas he Peugeot as the have the intelligent traction control Acts only on the front wheels Advanced Grip ControlBesides of control system rise and outstanding Hill Descent Assist Control HADC.Some mild tweaks to the LED headlights have been applied, while the hood is now rocking a slightly different look.

The C-segment model also gets a new version of the sat-nav system with support for voice control and TomTom Traffic real time traffic monitoring service. More important changes have occurred underneath the familiar skin where the hp diesel version of the sportier GT now features an eight-speed automatic transmission developed in collaboration with Aisin. Peugeot mentions the new gearbox provides the warm hatch with a slicker, smoother, and a more linear response than with the previous six-speed unit.

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On the gasoline side, the three-cylinder unit in the hp guise has also been subjected to a few tweaks meant to drive down fuel consumption and consequently lower emissions. The mid-cycle refresh is bringing more safety technology as the Peugeot facelift is the first model from the recently enlarged PSA Group to feature cruise control incorporating a stop function exclusively on models equipped with an automatic gearbox while the manual-fitted cars get a kph function.

All of them will come as standard with an LED light signature. Sales should begin shortly once the Sochaux plant in France is going to switch production to the facelifted model. Stand-out exterior styling features start with an assertive vertical grille proudly framing the famous Lion badge, a superbly sleek bonnet, and a LED light signature at all trim levels.

And if the car exudes a powerful sense of robustness and vigour, this owes much to a body design that deliberately fits closely with the underlying mechanics. And the car has a real twinkle in its eye, with headlamp-integrated LEDs producing a distinctive front light signature. The muscular front bumper aptly suggests an impressive cornering capability, and its three generous lower apertures ensure effective engine cooling.

Side recesses accommodate the foglamps.

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The rear lamps show a proud three-claw light signature night and day. This powerful and highly efficient powertrain procures a really sensational driving experience. The new PEUGEOT is powered by a choice of highly efficient petrol and Diesel engines offering an ideal compromise between high performance and low fuel consumption. The three-cylinder petrol engine has undergone a major upgrade, with at-source and at-exhaust emission control for low real-life fuel consumption and even more efficient pollution reduction.

aisin gearbox peugeot

A new six-speed manual gearbox reaps the maximum benefit of this high-performance engine. Combustion efficiency is improved by a patented combustion chamber design, the efficacy of which was amply proven under competition conditions in the hour Le Mans event.

And further efficiency gains are afforded by the SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction pollution control system, fitted as close as possible to the engine for the fastest possible post-treatment action. Home News Facelift. By : Adrian Padeanu. Diesel-powered GT gets an eight-speed automatic transmission developed by Aisin. Gallery: Peugeot facelift.

Peugeot Explore. More photos. Hide press release Show press release. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Search for: New Cars. Used Cars. About this article Category Facelift. Sign In or Sign Up.Bought car 18 months ago at under 3 years old and 75, miles, knowing it was out of warranty but took out Peugeot service plan.

Delighted with car until last week when "repair gearbox" warning messages started appearing but no driving issuesapparently on upchanges from 3rd from 4th.

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Car is now just 4 years old. I would need a diagnosis from a member of www. I believe that this gearbox is used by a large number of other manufacturers. Search HJ for any other reports, and if there is you could push Peugeot for part compensation. IIRC the "book time" to fit them on most cars is about 2.

Car is now just 4 years old My view is that you have been either unlucky or had it 'serviced' unnecessarily. Aisin is up there with ZF as a maker of first class gearboxes which rarely go wrong I think the manufacturer advises no routine change of fluid but mechanics with an interest in work creation will often disagree. Obviously no gearbox will last for ever but I have seen opinion from honest autobox specialists that changing the fluid can be followed by problems a few thousand miles later.

Unless 75,m have been towing a large caravan around the Lake District your undisturbed box should still be in perfect working order. If your Peugeot garage has countermanded Aisin's advice to leave well alone you should have a case against them. Thanks for the replies. To be fair the first Volvo S80 gearbox failure was at ,00 miles and nearly 10 years old, the second was at 78, miles and 7 years old.

So this one at 80, miles and just 4 years old does feel very unlucky!

Peugeot BA10/5 Transmission

None of the cars including this one had the transmission fluid changed; the dealer I bought the Volvo that failed at 78, miles tried doing that when it started playing up and it made no difference.

It's interesting how some people say Aisin are are problem, others not; some people say change the fluid to avoid having a problem, others to leave well alone. There were certainly a lot of problems with the 6-speed units between and about mid There is actually a Volvo service bulletin knocking around somewhere. There was an issue with the valve bodies failing early and the same fault seems to crop up in other cars using the gearbox.

No amount of fluid changes will make any difference.

aisin gearbox peugeot

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aisin gearbox peugeot

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Latest Reviews 4. Used Car Pricing Search on. Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel?

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What is the Fuel Calculator? Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum.My Legacy used a jatco JR Not the most efficient slushy compared to say the ZF boxes but very smooth and very reliable. I have always like to read threads on such subject because of the various 'views' offered. But I also can't understand why so many established manufacturers continue to produce GB or engines that have inherent problems whilst there are others without problem on the road?

Patented technology after so many years? If their GB and Engines are really that fragile, why are they still in the market producing them in the hundreds of thousands with willing buyers? Maybe one day, most cars manufacturers will simply buy parts from suppliers to assemble them, just like what we are seeing in electronics.

A gearbox that can shift faster and more fuel efficient dan a regular automatic gearbox. Who don't want? If your car can out accelerate the other car of the same specs.

You feel good what and it puts a smile on your face. It's obviously a gimmick or marketing. Accelerating faster by a few milliseconds ppl also want it. You can see ppl's attraction to "power". Look at some car reviews. They are always comparing which car can go faster.

aisin gearbox peugeot

But in reality there's no prize in driving faster on regular roads, only summon or fine. Car makers come out with something new, claims all kinds of benefit, ppl are sold The car makers are out to exploit the minds of drivers today. For an electric car there are not gearbox so minimal power loss. So no matter how the car makers market their gearbox there's that power loss thru transmission. This A6MF2 6 speed torque converter is only good and efficient for highway cruising.

Max speed in 6th gear is about kph. To get higher you have to kick it in 5th gear in manual mode. Hmmm what type of ride pair with what GB is good for our road?? But Hybrid The korean 6 speed auto is inefficient is because its TCU transmission control unit is programmed to upshift at every available opportunity, which is not suitable to SG roads at all because it will then end up shifting up and down countless times to cater for start-stop traffic.

And this causes poor fuel consumption. I am currently getting You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!In the '80s, French auto and bicycle manufacturer Peugeot's pedal-powered gears were highly prized,but the company's automotive gear clusters were sometimes undermatched to their applications.

This LeTrans, found in as many asWrangler YJs alone, is marginal behind stock six-cylinder power and worthless with anything much bigger. The general consensus among 4x4 enthusiasts and trans shops is that the BA10 isn't worth the time or money to rebuild once it goes south.

Since the Peugeot five-speed is simply French swill, we investigated some replacement options.

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Besides, hard-core Jeepers who aren't total masochists are better off spending more up front, using a TJ or even a CJ as raw material to get a stouter stock geartrain. Since we're focusing on YJ solutions, we ruled out automatic swaps due to housing lengths and cost of adapters. Details on readily adaptable manual trannies are contained in the comparo chart elsewhere in this article; we eliminated dinosaur gearboxes and ones that require expensive adapters from contention.

The Aisin-Warner AX15 emerged as the best all-around solution. The AX15 has a 12 percent lower First gear, a bellhousing that bolts directly to the Jeep 4. The cheapest solution is to source an AX15 with bellhousing, shift tower, and all available related hardware at a junkyard. If possible, also get the attached NP since Peugeots had a spline output shaft and the AX15 has a spline shaft.

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Otherwise, the Peugeot-equipped 's input gear will need to be swapped to spline. A more expensive but much more reliable and convenient solution is to order a rebuilt gearbox. A supplier to car dealerships and trans shops sinceRSG maintains an inventory of more than 5, ready-to-ship transfer cases even indestructible NPs.

Rockland also rebuilds and customizes popular manual transmissions in addition to offering rebuild kits and replacement parts for them including guts for the Peugeot BA He stacked our deck by custom-assembling components to make this job a minimal-brainer. Some of the considerations and Kreppein's recommendations:. AX15 trans: Rockland assembled our gearbox to make it a direct bolt-in when mated to a used or OE-sourced bellhousing.

Otherwise, a correct-diameter pilot might need to be sourced from approximately six different Jeep applications, or the OE one might need to be machined; OE AX15 tip diameter is 0. The AX output shaft is the same length as the BA10 but is a stronger spline diameter compared to the BA's spline.Because Novak has always maximized our domestic supply and internal manufacturing paradigm, we are seeing little interruption due to the Co-Vi situation. However, permit a day or two extra for fulfillment and be aware that we may contact you with questions or options on items where our suppliers may be having difficulties.

Its case is split longitudinally down the center. Its case and tailhousing are made of cast aluminum and its shift control is located in the rear portion of the transmission. In terms of identification numbers, it may have a "SIMI" and "3. It will most likely feature 21 splines on its output shaft, though we have heard limited accounts of later units possibly having 23 splines.

This transmission natively mates to the Jeep New Process style transfer cases. It is generally not compatible with nor likely worth adapting to other transfer cases. It has a unique front bolt pattern that is not a match to any other Jeep bellhousing or transmission. GM Because of the transmission's weak service record behind even stock Jeep powerplants, we do not offer any conversion to GM V6 or V8 power.

This is essentially a small car transmission in a truck. The customer's efforts and funds are best spent converting to a stronger transmission during the engine upgrade.

This is not a difficult thing at all and these details are discussed in the following articles:. In the throes of their financial decline in the mid-to-late eighties, AMC Jeep was in the unenviable position of purchasing transmissions on extremely tight budgets.

It is possible and recommended to upgrade to a more durable transmission. Some suggestions include:.


We welcome any contributions or clarifications to this article. Contact us here.

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Jeep Dana Model T90 to the Emissions Fuel Economy Conversions, Rules vs. Welcome Guest: Login or Register. No driveshaft length changes required. Contact us.Also, this thought will have pushed Peugeot, in collaboration with Aisin, to develop the new automatic transmission EAT8, an eight-speed that mount the Peugeot and Having 8 ratios undoubtedly means managing the gears better, exploiting ratios that could significantly increase efficiency.

Just on the motorway, for example, a very long-ratio makes it possible to considerably reduce engine revolutions, which are then quickly re-established if necessary with a climb following the rapid pressure of the gas. Essentially, the torque converter helps to move smoothly and precisely from one gear to another, without jolts of any kind and even responding decisively when trying to push the accelerator more fully.

Obviously, you can not miss the paddles on the steering wheel, which allow you to manually select the gear and return to automatic mode without having to move the gear selector if D is selected. In case you switch the selector on M the will and then to drive constantly in manual mode.

Here is The New Peugeot Partner. Peugeot revolutionizes the segment of light commercial vehicles with an effective, more dynamic For Peugeot, it is Peugeot will unveil an autonomously guided electric concept at the Paris Motor Show inspired by the lines of the Aggressive Design and lots Related Posts. Recent Gallery. Search for:.


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