Lotro captain or guardian

Lotro captain or guardian

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This includes:. If your submission does not appear in the new tab, please contact the mods to check the spam filter. Captain of guardian for tanking? Hi, I would know what is the best class for tanking between captain and guardian. Captain is currently the best tank for end game content because of its defensive cooldowns, group support skills, and massive morale pool. During the leveling process there would be more situations and instances in which a Guardian would be better because guardians have much better threat management.

Though a Captain will still be quite sufficient in most scenarios. I'm not sure what level you or those Captains are, but Captain gets one forced taunt just from picking the tank tree, and will get more as the tree is filled out. So perhaps the Captains you were with were not using those as they should have. Make sure that you are not doing the pulling of the enemies, but the Captain is. Captain does not have a lot of AOE threat or damage skills so make sure when a group is pulled that you attack through the Captain.

So if he grabs a group, don't pick off the mobs that he hasn't hit yet or he'll lose them and they'll come to you. Attack what he's attacking. Once he's got control then you can attack freely, use AOE, etc. I noticed you said you played with two captains though and neither kept aggro. Were they both in the tank tree?

Were perhaps neither of them in the tank tree? Maybe, like others said, the problem is that I dps without think about my threat, I will try to manage that And for the tree I will ask to my friend. You should be able to go hard right at the get-go with a captain tank, if it's a single target. He has 3 force taunts that copy threat, 5s duration each, max 15s cooldown on them.

If it's multiple, wait until you see him stun them or better yet, be close enough to use low-cut. During all bosses, I waited 10s before to hit, but after 10s, I was always the main threat, almost every time until the end of the battle. Gotcha, thanks. Other people have already said so, but dont wait to do damage. He's probably throwing threat copies in that time, but there's nothing to copy if you wait.

Work with him on adds, focusing the boss first. But if he cant keep aggro on a boss, that's his fault.

lotro captain or guardian

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Lol seriously, more dps could learn from this man. Well done.Virtues do more than make your character virtuous.

These Virtue skills increase stats, like Vitality, Physical Mitigation, and Incoming Healing Rating, to give you an initial boost for efficient efforts in raids. You can additionally boost these stats with your armor, weapons, and accessories. Altogether, if you purchase all slots, you can have up to 5 Virtues at any given time.

Many have a 6th or 7th they keep on standby for select raids to swap out as needed. Below is the best Virtue you should always consider for each class.

Might is the best stat for a Beorning. There are tons of stats that are useful to a Beorning, especially in raids. More than anything else, this class focuses on Might to increase damage and healing. Mitigations, both physical and tactical, are also useful stats to increase for higher damage. One more stat to keep in mind is Finesse, which aids in blocking and parrying while lowering enemy defenses. The higher the Mitigations, the better your Burglar will be.

LOTRO: My Top 3 Classes in Lord of the Rings Online (With Their Gameplay)

In terms of raiding, Mitigations, Resistance, and Morale are the most important stats. They will not only keep you alive longer, but give you a much better chance in creating successful Fellowship Maneuvers. Captains can fill any open spot in a Fellowship. With their unique ability to take on nearly any role in a Fellowship, the Captain has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the best Virtues.

Resistance can also be a helpful stat but is more useful when questing. Every Champion is a master of AoE attacks.

Champions are the masters of AoE damage, so they need a good base to attack from. Any and all extra Morale is also a huge help in raids. The strongest Guardians have tons of morale. With that, Mitigations, Morale, and Might are the most useful stats to focus on. Might will give you damage and healing, Mitigations will lower incoming damage, and any Vitality and Maximum Morale will push your health higher.

Using a 1-handed weapon and shield along with these Virtues will make you able to go against the strongest enemies. Agility is the best stat for a Hunter. Hunters need Agility above any other stat, which directly increases your evade and parry abilities, your critical hit chance, and your ranged weapon damage. Having increased Resistance along with the high damage will make you very effective during endgame raids. They will reduce the damage you can potentially take and make it much easier to survive during some of the hardest raids.

lotro captain or guardian

Music produced by a Minstrel has powerful healing abilities. As the healer, the Minstrel has to focus on keeping their healing potent. Will is generally a sought-after stat as it helps defend against Tactical damage, increases your Maximum Power and Resistance levels, and, for Minstrels specifically, gives more Outgoing Healing and weapon damage.Tanking can be one of the most demanding builds you can make.

LOTRO Best Tank (Top 3 Tank Builds)

Not only does every Fellowship need one, but they are key in keeping the enemies away from your healers and other supporting classes. They are always on the front lines and use taunts, buffs, and other attacks to weaken your foes and strengthen your allies. With high morale and heavy damage, there are three classes that stand out in the crowd for tanking: Guardian, Warden, and Captain.

Guardians are exactly what their name suggests: they keep others safe. They are also unrivaled with their tanking ability, especially with the blue and yellow trait lines. You will focus on keeping the threat level up, which keeps the enemies on you and debuffing to weaken them.

Defense and stamina are your most valued skills, to keep you alive and attacking for as long as necessary. This damage dealer can be great for taking on the tanking role. In the lore, they are primarily protecting the lands from ferocious animals and other foes. This goes hand-in-hand with tanking in raids. Just like Guardians, morale is high and defense is key. As the most versatile class, it makes sense that the Captain would fall in the Tank category.

LOTRO Crafting Guide for Beginners

They are considered leaders in the lore and focus on strengthening their allies. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 23 Nov am. BY: Samantha Keeney. Make the strongest Tank possible to survive the longest Tanking can be one of the most demanding builds you can make. Yellow Line: When you play a DPS role, the Yellow line skills work best with two-handed weapons and strong AoE skills Fray the Edge, Engage, Challenge, and Improved Challenge are the primary taunts to increase your threat level, drawing enemies away from your Fellowship and towards you.

These skills also give an opening to your Fellowship to complete a Manoeuver. Mitigations are what make you a tank. Physical mitigations decrease the amount of damage you take from physical sources, like blades.The Captain is a masterful leader, a commanding presence who strengthens allies, but is also skilled in the use of arms. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, while their allies rally to their banners of war.

Note: while Captains have a variety of NPC heralds they can summon, only one may be active at any given time. Jack of All Trades: the Captain has a hand in just about every job for a group.

Alone, a Captain is a capable warrior and healer, but in a group, they improve a fellowship to an exceptional level.

Although they aren't the best in any one area even when they are traited that waythey can fill just about any role in a group to a limited extent, barring that of ranged attacker. However, advanced Captains are able to summon an Archer who deals non-trivial damage. Equipped with a Herald and plenty of offensive and defensive capabilities, the Captain is a class that requires some thought and focus to mastering.

lotro captain or guardian

These skills are granted automatically as you gain levels. The effects of many of these skills are improved in various ways by your choice of specialization and how you spend your trait points. Some skills may also be replaced by an improved version of the same skill as you increase in level. These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Hands of Healing blue trait tree.

You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree. These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Lead the Charge red trait tree.

lotro captain or guardian

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Leader of Men yellow trait tree. These skills can be used only while riding a war-steedand only while in the regions of East RohanWildermoreand West Rohan. Passive skills which improve the war-steed's defensive capabilities remain effective even in other regions, but serve only to prevent forced dismount due to enemy attacks. Some of the heralds carry a banner in one hand and wield a one-handed weapon in their other hand. Others carry just a Bow.

If they are defeated, heralds can be re-summoned in battle.The subreddit for the game Lord of the Rings Online. Now free to playget it HERE!

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This includes:. If your submission does not appear in the new tab, please contact the mods to check the spam filter. Guardian or Captain - what to choose? I used to play LotRO back in with a friend, at that time I rolled as a Captain and got to about level IIRC, I thought the class was quite unique due to its versatility and with the use of heralds and such, but as many others I found the soloing to be slow.

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So far I've created two characters, one Captain at 16 and one Guardian at The reason why I'm considering a Guardian is that I've never really tanked in an MMO before and would really like to give it a serious shot.

Tanks are always needed, but I've heard that Captains are high in demand as well so it's hard to decide. I know they've got quite different roles, but do you prefer taking all the damage for the fellowship or act as a support? I'm aware that they both tend to level slower than other classes, so that's not an issue. How about the entertainment level during raids?

All in all, I know that it comes down to which class I find most enjoyable to play and that's what matters.

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But I personally prefer to play a class which isn't in abundance, I'd like that my character is almost always welcome in a fellowship for dungeons or whatever. I have an 85 guard and 85 cappy. I love my cappy, I like my guard. If you want to focus on one, I'd say level the captain first. It has great support roles, like you mentioned, but traited and geared correctly you can also tank, too.


I'm not sure how much the dps of the guard changed since the last update, I ran with an LM from so never had to worry about a dps build.

The cappy dps is decent, I can solo on-level mobs down a reasonable amount of time. End game raiding will probably be more interesting on a cappy, since you'll have much more to consider during an extended fight.

Guard tanking can be challenging, but it is pretty straightforward. Thanks for your advice! I've decided to keep playing on my Captain for now and we'll see if I try to level my Guardian another time. In General: The class I most enjoy playing in endgame content is far and away my guardian. I prefer tanking granted, I've found that my Cappy is a fantastic change of pace.

Leveling: I found that my guardian again was much more enjoyable when it came to leveling. Grd OP makes lvls fly by and honestly makes a grd's lvling speed comparable to other classes. For captains is great cause Capt mounted combat is awesome but everything before that is a ridiculous grind. Shortages: There really aren't any noticeable shortages end game right now but that is mostly because end game content for all intents and purposes is nonexistent at the moment. There are the scaled instances and skraids which are all jokes.

There are also the three mans but again the rewards are so rare that you have to farm hundreds to thousands of runs to actually get the drops you want and so they quickly become very stale. Entertainment: I always like playing my guard the best, but the level of entertainment that you would get from a run depends more on which run you are doing for each class.

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Certain things require the tank to really be on the ball Lightning ToO anyone? Thank you for your response! For now I'm choosing my Captain but I'll try to level my Guardian as well. It seems like I am late to offer advice, but I would like to echo the sentiments about roles. Of course, guardian is the go to for tanking and rarely has trouble finding a group to play in, sot it meets your specs pretty well.

The captain, on the other hand, is always in demand and among the strongest support roles in the game.In lotro there are 10 classes to choose from this is written inso may be more in the future. The classes each have roles, that is to say different uses in groups and in solo play. Premium players previous VIPs or players who purchased store-points also need to buy the three classes. VIPs can play the classes for free.

The Beorning is the newest class in-game. He is only available for the race also called Beorning and is the in-game shapeshifter class, able to take the form of a bear in combat. The most notable difference of the Beorning from any other class, apart from his bear form, is the lack of power.

Beornings are the only class which does not use power energy, manainstead they build their own skill-using energy called Wrath. It is pretty simple to understand: when a Beorning is in man form, most skills generate wrath usually about but most man skills are generally weaker. When a Beorning has more than 1 wrath he can change into a bear and start using wrath for stronger skills. The Beorning has a max of wrath and neutralises at 0 out of combat in man form it will slowly decrease, in-combat in man form it appears to hold steady but in bear form it is slowly consumed.

The Beorning can use several weapons, but is the second class after Rune-Keeper unable to use a sword. His favourite weapons are clubs and axes, which he can duel-wield or 2-handed like a Champion. They are heavy originally medium armour wearers with might-based stats.

The Burglar is like most rogues in other MMOs in as much as he sneaks and deals huge dmg from the sneak attack, then deals weaker dmg and bleeds to finish the fight. The Burglar is one of the main debuffing classes with plenty of convenient crowd controls and lots of skills to weaken enemies for other party members.

Important to a Burglar are critical hits, which open additional skills and give certain effects. The Burglar can duel-wield but cannot use a shield or 2-handed weapons. He cannot use a ranged weapon, though has a couple of short ranged skills and specially crafted thrown weapons. They can use swords, clubs, maces, and daggers. Burglars wear medium armour. The Captain was only available to the race of Men until the High-Elf arrived with Mordor, and is now available to them too.

The Captain is the jack-of-all-trades class; effectively, he is second best at a lot of stuff. His three main roles today are recognized as healer, tank, and DPS, but the latter is pretty weak so in place I will say his third role is as a supportive character.

The Captain is a capable healer; not as strong as the main healer in the game, the Minstrel, but at the moment thanks to lack of attention to the RKs he is easily stronger than the second healer class the RK. Captains are generally good supportive characters, with plenty of buffs and a few debuffs. Their three trait lines focus on healing, DPS, and tanking.

It also has a couple of nice little buffs in it, and the Captain is capable of rezzing people in-combat, which can be handy. Even so, it is a pretty weak DPS class as they go.Forum Rules. We have detected that cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please enable cookies to ensure the proper experience. Warning: JavaScript is required for some functionalities of this page. Please enable the use of JavaScript in your browser. What's New? Results 1 to 11 of Thread: Captain Vs. Advanced Search.

Join Date Mar Posts 2. Captain Vs. Guardian So I'm just starting out, fresh newbie here. I've narrowed my class choice down to Captain or Guardian. I know that there isn't going to be one of the two that is clear cut a better class, they both are going to have advantages and disadvantages.

My main question is if one of them allows skill to show through more. As in if a player actually has skill, are one of these two classes going to let it show more than the other? Also, if one of them will make me feel more valuable than the other. Where as I do play for my enjoyment, I admit I enjoy being appreciated by other players.

Reply With Quote. Re: Captain Vs. When a captain is lousy, it's usually only those who play one notice, same if they are doing a good job. As for valued, I think captains are very highly valued as there is only 1 buff class in the game, whereas Wardens are also a primary tank class, and champs can tank in a pinch if traited for it.

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If you're looking for a class that requires the player to be skilled. Warden is a good choice. Guardian If you like being the main group tank a Guardian or Warden is the best choice for you.

You will have heavy armor and take a beating. If you like being able to give a group buffs, some heals and allow the group you are with to do extra damage above what they normally do then the Captain would be right for you. Both are good for soloing, though not as fast as a DPS class, but they are both very fun to play. I can easily solo a same level elite with no issues still have half my morale left at the end and can handle 7 normal mobs at my level at the same time with no issues.

So it is very playable solo and good in a group too.


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